At the Ballymena & Antrim Athletics Club, we take Child Welfare and Safeguarding seriously. We have a responsibility for the general welfare and safety of the children whilst they are in our care. We carry out this duty by providing a caring, supportive and safe environment, where each child is valued for his or her unique talents and abilities and in which all our children can learn and develop to their full potential.

We have a Designated Child Welfare Officer and a Deputy, who can be contacted should you have any concerns. We have a Child Protection Policy and Guidelines for Coaches & Volunteers who work with the athletes. All our Coaches have had AccessNI checks and Child Protection training. We are keen to ensure that there is respect between athletes of all abilities, and amongst Coaches, Volunteers by providing Codes of Conduct for these.

We consider the Safety of athletes of paramount importance. We have many athletes training at the Stadium at any one time using the track, jumping and throwing areas, in close proximity to one another. Some of the equipment, if used incorrectly, is dangerous and strict rules are adhered to. We have carried out Risk Assessments (Fundamentals) (Facilities) for athletes and Coaches using the Stadium.

Child Welfare Officers for the Club are as follows:

Graham Moffett, Designated Child Welfare Officer

Gerard McDonald, Deputy Designated Child Welfare Officer